Conserve Natural India

Sustainable Development in Northern India


Our SWASH project stands for: Sanitation of water, air and soil for health village life.

Waste management, the “Brown” aspect of sustainable development and environmental conservation; and one of the most important and basic components of ConservEN and intern life in general.

SWASH interns live and work in India and contribute to remediating some of the most obvious environmental issues in the country: excess rubbish, lack of proper waste management services, poor water sanitation services and shortages in fresh, clean water supply.

The SWASH program works with the reduction, reuse and/or recycling of trash and waste, natural resource management, and the education of the local community and organization interns on environmental conservation and conscientious living.

One example of the integration of these ideas is our composting toilet initiative in order to reduce water use, “black water” creation and to create micro-finance opportunities for marginalized peoples (by utilizing the compost to grow non-edibles like trees and flowers for sale).

The SWASH project also connects with local marginalized communities (trash pickers) to help facilitate recycling and proper sanitation projects. We are currently planning a project that will involve the construction of safe sorting, storage and recycling facility for the migrant workers, to aid their trade, helping them to achieve deserved status in the community for their work and also to improve safety conditions for the workers and their families.


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