Conserve Natural India

Sustainable Development in Northern India


ConservEN is the environmental programme of the grassroots NGO EduCARE. The vision and ethos of the organisation EduCARE is that of education, sustainable development, accessible rural health care and womens’ empowerment. Educare’s programmes are facilitated primarily by a group of international interns, working alongside local staff and volunteers, and of course the local communities that we work within.

Within the ConservEN programme there are several projects:

SWASH: Sanitation of Water, Air and Soil, for a Healthy village life

Restore: a microfinance project where local women form a self help group and use the proceeds to begin a market stall, where they are able to sell handmade recycled and upcycled goods, and to promote environmentally sustainable initiatives

Sustainable Agriculture: creating environmentally sustainable gardens both as examples for local farmers and within the communities that Educare works with

Alternative Energy: enabling local communities access to information and assistance in installing renewable and green energy sources in their homes, businesses and community spaces

The International Internship Program of ConservEN India is designed to provide selected applicants with rewarding educational and work experience, as well as opportunities to contribute in one of several critical work areas in various developmental projects in North India.


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