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Come, gather and let us admire Algae

Due to the increase in advancements in household activities, the pressure on non-renewable resources has increased tremendously. There are always some consequences when we exceed the limit of anything without taking any precautions. There is a huge grey water discharge from houses which can be treated using alternative biomass; for example using algae and moss properties of accumulation and biodegradation. Microalgae are promising alternative biomass that can be used for different biological applications like biofuel, bio-plastic, and bioremediation. This is due to their fast growth rate and high CO2 fixation ability, as compared to terrestrial plants. Algae are good indicators of the atrophic status of a water body, that is, the degree of pollution and nutrients in that water. An alga is a photosynthetic organism and beneficial in the simplest manner because it releases oxygen as part of its metabolism. Alga serves to oxygenate water. Regions like Shahpur, Dal, Naddi, and other small springs are rich in Alga known as Spirogyra. It is generally a thread like structure forming mesh and grows better on surface like bed stones.

Advantages of microalgae over other feedstocks are:

  • No agricultural land is required to grow biomass.
  • They have much higher biomass than agricultural crops and less doubling time.
  • They need less renewal water than terrestrial plants required for irrigation.
  • They can be grown even in brackish water.

To overcome these hurdles and develop one community future is to speed up the research efforts to develop appropriate technologies with available resources. The best investment will be to invest in current available technologies and modify them in the best possible way.

– Nikunj Sharma, India

– Renewable Energies, Project Manager



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