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Bringing back old network to filter water

Human development is increasing and flourishing at a very fast rate; massive skyscrapers, industrialization, chemical advancements in agriculture at a very cheap price. This intriguing story of how we are developing has shaped the world into luxurious palaces has blurred our vision behind this development taking place. This development has brought miseries along with it. Human greed for everything has reduced our resource to the limit, so we are exploring for alternatives. Problems related to water and energy is everywhere in the world. Water pollution is one the major problems in rural communities due to the increase in tourism, developing building, industries, and pesticides. So in order to find the answer to the problem of water pollution I came here; to Educare-India with random idea to use Algae biomass for water purification and to use the leftover residue as biofertilizer for organic farming. An alga is a photosynthetic organism which can be grown in grey water, as nitrogen and phosphorus are major elements of waste water. Looking at the local regional conditions of Naddi-Dal, there is an excellent amount of moss growing everywhere in building walls, tree branches etc. Moss and algae  are both used for cleaning grey water through a procedure known as bioremediation. The first target of this project is to bring back the traditional methods of water treatment like sand, clay, stones, along with aquatic plants to make the process more efficient. The idea is to built a two phase system using traditional ways and aquatic organisms to make the water filtration more efficient.

Moss from springs in Naddi Region

Moss from springs in Naddi Region


Cleaned Moss

Cleaned Moss

Wild Moss - It generally requires moist surface and shaded sunlight

Wild Moss – It generally requires moist surface and shaded sunlight

– Nikunj Sharma, India

– Alternative energies Project Manager, Naddi


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