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Starting a tree nursery in Naddi

Most of the preliminary research being finished, we can start field work.

The first thing is to find where to sow the seeds and plant the cuttings that will be planted in one or two years.

Three different ways were chosen:

  • A field owned by Channi community will be rent for two years. The owners used to collect grass on it. A village close to Naddi can provide grass so the NGO will pay the amount of money necessary to buy that grass in compensation.
  • Polybags filled with soil will be also used and taken care of by the wildforest interns. They will be 50 of them.
  • Plastic pots will be given to the community children interested in the project. They will be in charge of 5 trees, or less, each.

On my side I decided with all the information I had, which trees will be planted and in which numbers:

Ban oak (Quercus Leucotrichophora), Biul (Grewia Optiva), Deodar (Cedrus Deodara), Dudla (Ficus Nemoralis), Bauhinia Variegata, Beis (Salix Alba), Akhrot (Walnut/Juglans Regia) and Paja (Prunus Padus) if others are not available. Each of these species contribute to at least one of the objectives of the project :

  • Improve biodiversity
  • Bring good fodder leaves to respond to the villagers needs
  • Retain the soil to avoid landslides

Then we had to collect the seeds and the cuttings. The Forest Department provided more than 200 biul (Grewia Optiva) seeds.

With the help of a Forest Officer I collected 20 Dudla cuttings in Kaneara area. In Hindi Dudla is a name used for many different species. The cuttings collected are from two different ones. Dudla will still be planted but it won’t necessarily be Ficus Nemoralis as I planned it to be. It does not matter; the more diversity in the plantation there is, the better.

Igor and I collected Deodar seeds in the forest above Dal Lake and ban seeds mainly in the fields. These were in a very poor quality (worms) so I decided to plant at least 1600 of them to be sure there will be enough germinations (we need 600 seedlings).

Biul, Deodar and Ban seeds, dudla cuttings

Then planting time came. We turned 50 square meters of soil – see the video 🙂

And sowed the seeds collected and planted the cuttings:

  • 1700 ban seeds
  • 250 biul seeds
  • 21 dudla cuttings
  • 200 deodar seeds

Sowing ban oak acorns

After the first day of work

Hopefully the first leaves will appear in a few weeks. Snow is now covering the soil, providing water to the seeds while melting in the sunshine.

“Come on seeds: Grow, grow, grow !!!”

Thomas Andrieu

Community Reforestation Project Manager


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