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The tree plantation

After collecting the barrels from the Public Work Department, the next step was to transform them into tree guard, to buy the trees from the tree nursery in Dharamsala and to plant them.

The 20 barrels stayed in Channi for one week, the time needed to find a welder and to buy metal stripes and welding rods in Gaggal. The welder came from a village down to Channi with all his equipment. It would have been too complicated, and too expensive, to take back by jeep the barrels to a steel shop. After 2 days, 6 barrels were ready as tree guards (Timelapse of the welder’s work).

In the same time, I had to make sure that 20 trees should be available. Hopefully, the tree nursery didn’t forget about the project and the kids in Naddi. Indeed, 20 fruit trees were waiting for us, all were between 1 and 2 years old. Thanks to a taxi, I brought back all the saplings to Channi and unloaded the shipment with the help of the community. We now have 7 walnut trees, 7 apples, 5 plums and 1 cherry, a total of 20 trees!

Time to plant! Some of the holes were already done thanks to the work of the interns at the quarterly meetings. However, we had to dig 4 new ones with the family who were not able to participate the last time. We also prepared the manure that we will have to mix with the soil for a better growth. Finally, I tried to organize teams with both interns and members of Channi’s families, for the plantation part scheduled in the afternoon. However, some of the families were not present on time and therefore, we didn’t have enough tools for everybody.

Despite the setbacks, the community and the interns managed to plant 16 trees in one afternoon (the 4 trees remaining will be planted by the families). Only 6 barrels were set up as tree guards but the rest of them will be installed as soon as the welder finishes his work.

Thanks to the cooperation of the community and the interns: the tree mission is accomplished! Thank you to all of you!

Igor Cottin, France

Wild Forest Team


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