Conserve Natural India

Sustainable Development in Northern India

Greenhouse project in the Kangra Valley

Summer is coming!!

Not really, it’s still cold and a bit rainy, but it will be soon time to plant.

So how do you prepare your seedlings with cold night and rainy days, how do you cheat them into thinking it’s time to open and grow? Yes, you got it, a greenhouse.

Our local contacts have told us that the 2nd week of February is time to plant the summer crops: squash, squash and squash: bitter gourd, bottle gourd,  snake gourd, sponge gourd, cucumber, pumpkin…

So we bought some bamboo and plastic  and started working during this sunny day of February 2nd. Cutting the bamboos to make the structure, cutting thin layer to make it flexible, appreciating this  wonderful natural material that Nature gives us. Then the shape: 3 meters longs, 60 cm wide (sorry fellows, metric system).

Once the structure is ready and the ground flattened, we carefully covered it with the plastic, and maintained it with bricks. We tested it for a few hours: it’s definitively warmer and wetter than outside. We’re now ready to plant!

Today, while the seeds are getting softer in a bit of water, we have prepared the special-seedlings-Rajhol™ soil mixture: 1/3 of sand, 1/3 of vermi-compost, 1/3 of cow dung, and fill the seedtrails with it. Since the weather is really cold today, we’re waiting for better conditions to plant our beloved seeds.

And tomorrow February 4th, our nice interns from Naddi, far in the foggy mountains, come to help us digging, mixing and preparing the garden in the Migrant Camp.

Miquel and Jules building the greenhouse

Jules Maurel

Organic Farming Project manager, Rajhol


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