Conserve Natural India

Sustainable Development in Northern India

The Barrel’s Mission

The saplings need tree guards in order to prevent the animal (goats, cows…) for eating them and thus, destroying the plantation.

After different meeting with the Forest Department, the tree nursery, and the Public Work Department (PWD), we chose to use old barrels to protect the trees from the animals, individually. The barrels are free thanks to the PWD; who have offered to help us in our project by giving us 20 of them.

The mission was to go to Dharamsala, rent a jeep or a truck in order to load 20 barrels at once and then bring them to Shenney. Thankfully, the plan went well! The barrels were waiting for us at the PWD. We managed to get a jeep and began to think about the best way to load 20 barrels in such a small space. Finally, all the barrels fit in the back of the jeep, we tighten up all the freight with ropes, and we were ready to go!  There is only one problem: there is oil residue that we will have to clean up, but we’ll find a way to do it!

The jeep stopped near to the path that leads to the Shenney community. We unloaded the barrels and thanks to the noise, all the kids from the community came to help us roll the barrels down the hill. In 15 minutes, all the barrels were down and stored on the roof of one of the houses.

The next step will be to find someone who can come in Shenney to cut the barrels. Then to paint them with the help of the kids and finally, plant their fruit trees which we will be picking up from tree nursery soon!

 Igor Cottin (France), WidlForest Team


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