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Digging a Garden at the foot of Himalayas

On Saturday November 23rd, a dozen of students for Sharpur University came to help Beejal and I with the organic farming project in Maiti.

Our mission on this sunny day of winter: dig and prepare soil in the schoolyard of Maiti Government School. Our main objective: to create an organic garden in school with the help of the children, teach them the importance of environmental approaches and ecosystems.

IMG_2079The students arrived around 10am, and Mr B and Rachael Donovan explained the global perspective of EduCARE India, introduced them the community and I explained the mission of the day. Then we split in small teams: one with Vianney to research about microfinance in Maiti, one tam with Mr B to go to Chari by tools and working materials, and I went with the students to borrow tools from the community. A very nice family lent us shovels, hand plows and pickaxes. Yes, hard work is planned!

2 hours later, we started to see the shape of what can be called a garden. Everybody relayed and work hard to help in every possible way: some students dig the ground, some shovel the dirt, our assistant coordinator and organic farming team members  carry cow manure to refill the freshly dug beds, even the young Isis is vital to our operation, filtering rocks from the ground. It’s finally time for a break and lunch is coming. Thanks to Ashu who live in the village and helped a lot for the preparation of this day (how would you find and carry half a ton of cow dung without any assistance?) and the government school team, we had delicious rice and dhal in the school.


No time for a nap, we are back to work, to properly finish the garden preparation. Finally around 3pm, thanks to our wonderful team, mission accomplished!

Next step: prepare the seedlings, plant the garden and continue this journey hand-in-hand with the pupils in this amazing place of Himachal Pradesh.

Jules Maurel

Organic Faming Project Manager


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