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Reforestation project in Naddi

Since October, a new project has been launched by EduCARE India. Thanks to our research we found that local communities use a lot of forest products. Here, forests are not in danger because of deforestation but because their trees are getting weaker and weaker. The main explanation is that people use wood to cook and heat their houses in winter and collect tree leaves from certain tree species to give to their animals as fodder. Cutting branches is called “lopping”. During hundreds of years, these practices did not impact forests’ health because they were limited. Nowadays, as the population increases, fodder and wood demands are getting more and more important. Almost all the edible trees (their leaves can be eaten by animals) are lopped around the villages and species like Ban oak are slowly dying.

This ban oak has just been lopped..

One of the solutions to that problem, besides education, is reforestation of degraded areas close to villages. One area of about one hectare, strongly degraded, and situated just above Channi community in Naddi is a potential threat to the people living there because of landslides.

On the right of the photo: Channi community. Just above the path: the area concerned by the project

The aim of the project is to plant trees on this area, in partnership with the Forest Department but by taking into consideration the needs of the local population.

In red, the area that will be planted

This project, if successful, will reduce lopping pressure on other areas, reduce landslides threat, improve local biodiversity conservation and improve people’s awareness of forests importance.

Thomas Andrieu, France

Wild Forest Project Manager



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