Conserve Natural India

Sustainable Development in Northern India

Green Gift

A new project of social forestry, which involves the Shenney community and participates to the reforestation in Naddi.

The “Green Gift Project” is a part of the new ConservEn India program: WildForest. This social forestry project is intended to help the Shwf1enney Community to use their lands in a more efficient way to increase and improve their resources, while at the same time contributing to the reforestation of the unsustainably forested area in Naddi. The goals of “Green Gift Project” are directly linked to the WildForest main objectives which are for example to establish a community based forest management and to reforest the area of Naddi.

wf2The project is to plant a tree according to each child in the community and their birthdays. Our objectives are to raise awareness about the importance of trees and forest in general by including them in the process of planting, and to be sustainable by integrating this planting tradition in their ways of celebrating. This cooperation is also a way for us to involve the children in the conservation of their habitats and to show them the benefits of it. Indeed, new edible products will be available for the community and thus, new incomes will be possible for them thanks to the ReStore.

Furthermore, all the interns will be involved thanks to the second wf3step of this project. Each new intern arriving will be able to plant a tree in or around the Shenney Community with the help of one family which will provide a spot on its land and collect afterwards the fruits. This part of the “Green Gift Project” has for objective to integrate new interns into the organisation by participating directly to a social action.

This social project started in November a few months after the creation of the WildForest program. We still have a lot of work but all the elements are here to make the “Green Gift Project” a success!

WildForest Team

Norma (Puerto Rico), Igor & Thomas (France)


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