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Adrien: Being a new intern with EduCare and ConservEN

Dear followers of Educare tribulation,

Adrien pictured here carrying the bin for his new biogas project.

Adrien pictured here carrying the bin for his new biogas project.

My name is Adrien, from France and I’ve been in India for one month and  a half working for Educare India as an intern.
After a short trip in Himachal where I’ve been in touch with the Naddi community, I’m now in Dholbaha: Punjab.
After the Himalayan mountains, I’m faced with the India through Kipling’s eyes: Jungle book style.
For now, it has been a great adventure on many aspects: human, physical and spiritual.

Working in rural India is interesting and motivating because you realize that if you don’t rely on yourself nothing will move and that your work can have a real impact on this environment and people’s everyday life.

After one month, I’ve built a demonstration biogas plant in Dholbaha, for which I’ve found all the supplies at the local shops.
At first, people were surprised by my requests, but they are now used to it and are interested in this weird biogas plant…
For now, I am waiting to get gas from my installation. It should take two weeks before the air chamber starts to swell, showing gas is being produced.

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I hope to get results with this plant by the end of the month and then educate our neighbors with this technology. Then I would like to develop similar technology in one of their houses. I’ve heard that one of them already has a biogas installation in her home but she’s facing several problems. I will visit her soon and try to understand what’s going on.

In Janauri, there is a migrant camp in which Educare is involved to provide them education and health care.
We just started to set up a health camp with the help of an Indian doctor. It could be a good resource for these children that have relatively important health issues.
We usually go to their camp twice a week: Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.
There, we are doing educational games and trying to help them learn the alphabet, but it’s quite hard to get results because the children have difficulties to focus.
Nevertheless, the interns in Janauri give classes to the girls of the camp twice a week, in the morning, at the Educare office and it works quite well!

A little boy playing in the migrant camp

A little boy playing in the migrant camp

Many good things are happening in Punjab, but we are still trying to build stronger relationships with the Himachal Cluster.
Clement, a fellow French intern in Maity is starting the biogas process and we’ll apply his knowledge in waste management in Janauri soon.

See you soon for new tribulations!


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