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SWASH Fun Club Trash Pickup Activity

SWASH Police in Action


Getting a little crazy at the trash dump!

Getting a little crazy at the trash dump!

It may be a new year, and while many of us feel as if we have a clean start, but here in Naddi (Northern India) the ground remains littered and the trash bins remain full. Luckily, the SWASH police come to the rescue!

On a cold Wednesday afternoon, the members of the Fun Club (a joint program with ConservEN and Young Women’s IDEA) gathered in the small Shenney community for the weekly activity with the kids. The youthful members are: Shika, Milan, Ragat, Pooja, Priya, Bobbi, Abu, Bindu, Shivani, Bungi, Isis, and Daikin. This week’s fun club would appear at first glance to be not so fun, but luckily this wasn’t the case. We aimed to do a community trash pick-up and then emptying the trash bins that had been set up around the community a month prior. The waste management system in Naddi is very underdeveloped, which is a common case in India. Garbage is littered everywhere, and although there are a few designated bins, they are almost never attended too.

The plan was to haul all of the waste across the village, to a larger maintained bin near the main road. Distributing the trash amongst ourselves in old canvas bags, we went on an adventure through the hilly terrain to the larger collection bin. Despite the comparatively labor-intensive nature of this fun club, we had a great turnout, and everyone stayed engaged throughout the activity. When we finally made it to the bin, all of the kids were rewarded with ice cream, which was a wonderful cap to a successful day.

In the future a more efficient method of waste management is being worked on, but this current method proved to be a blast as well!

These community clean-up days will happen twice a month. In addition to keeping Naddi a bit cleaner, they will hopefully inspire the kids of Shenney to take pride in their environment and make efforts to keep it clean on their own.

Little Sunnana with a big smile

Little Sunnana with a big smile


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