Conserve Natural India

Sustainable Development in Northern India

Solar collector project bearing first fruit

Time flies, six months have passed very quickly and now I find myself at the end of my stay in India. It’s been an experience full of amazing people and … Continue reading

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Taking out the trash

This ain’t Kansas, Toto. And it sure isn’t Norway either, which is where I’ve spent most of my life. A place where 25°C is regarded as a very hot day, … Continue reading

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When the rivers run dry

Hand covered in mango juice, I twist the tap – and abruptly remember that we are completely out of water when it does nothing but make a sad gurgling noise. … Continue reading

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Come, gather and let us admire Algae

Due to the increase in advancements in household activities, the pressure on non-renewable resources has increased tremendously. There are always some consequences when we exceed the limit of anything without … Continue reading

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Conserve water!

Water conservation: Sounds simple right? Use less, save more. I was so surprised at how different my standard of water usage compared to others in Educare and in India was. … Continue reading

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Smoldering Heat and Water Conservation in Punjab

After living in Miami for 6 years I really thought things like sun and sweat wouldn’t bother me- and then I moved to Janauri, Punjab. Nothing has prepared me for … Continue reading

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Bringing back old network to filter water

Human development is increasing and flourishing at a very fast rate; massive skyscrapers, industrialization, chemical advancements in agriculture at a very cheap price. This intriguing story of how we are … Continue reading

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“Green” and Eco-friendly

As a 90s’ kid who watched Captain Planet religiously and would hike through the woods, wide-eyed, and asking about every tree, plant, and animal, a worldwide day dedicated to the … Continue reading

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Trash talk

It’s a sunny Wednesday afternoon in Naddi and I am on my way down to the community in Channey to give them a workshop on how to separate their waste … Continue reading

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Sunny morning in Shanney

It was a perfect day for solar cooker experiment. So we gathered some kids from the community and a few interns at 10 am in the Shanny community (Naddi). The … Continue reading

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